Dark Man Shadow was founded in 1998. In January 2000 they produced their first demo CD, Incarnation. This demo was extended to their first album Tears of Hate, which was signed one year later to SPV and Warner Chappell.

At the time of recording the second album “The Shore of Straying Souls”, the drummer hadn’t the ability to keep up with the compositions, as well as the bassist, so Sorroth had to take over due to lack of time. The drums were then taken on by
Matthias (Nocte Obducta).

In 2003 with their album The Shore of Straying Souls they signed a contract with Dark Music Productions (Portugal). However their album only came out in eastern and southern Europe. After a short while this company went into liquidation and their planned tour never took place. A year later Sorroth decided to take on the offer of his producer and move in with him in order to work on a couple of other musical projects. In these four years he composed the project Brandenburg, as well as the song Golden Machine (Silver Machine from Hawkwind) on one of the Perry Roden samplers that were distributed by Cargo etc…
At the of 2007 Sorroth returned to Frankfurt am Main and decided with Samotha to compose a new album, which the record company Bellaphon was to release. After umpteen appointments and meetings it turned out after two years that they could not finance the production.
In 2009 the singer Sorroth reached a low point and spent some time in the Frankfurter drug scene with his acoustic guitar, where he composed an unplugged version of the song Dying In The Corner. This song is dedicated to all the drug victims.

Finally, they produced their album themselves in Empire Studios and in February 2011 signed with Schwarzdorn Productions.

On November 15th 2013 Victims of Negligence was released by Schwarzdorn Productions.


Harsh Symphonic Black-Metal

Sorroth – Vocals, Guitar
Samotha – Vocals, Keyboard
Matze R. – Studio Drums
Araisen – Bass Guitar
Mark Edwards – Live Drums

Frankfurt am Main

Record Label:
Schwarzdorn Production